Redbull and Vodka: A New Year’s Recipe for Danger


If you plan on ringing in the New Year with your favorite alcoholic beverage, you aren’t alone. But studies show, it’s an even worse idea to mix that with a popular non-alcoholic drink.

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, or any other night of the year for that matter, the results of a new study shows mixing energy drinks with alcohol isn’t a good idea.

“That Redbull vodka combination, you got a stimulant you got a depressant,” says Dr. Ryan Longnecker.

Freeman Cardiologist Dr. Ryan Longnecker says mixing the two can confuse the heart, and even in otherwise healthy people, a potentially deadly irregular heartbeat can be the result.

“The heart responds to hormones and any type of stimulus that comes into the heart scenario is going to have a tendency, particularly the things that are uppers, amphetamines, not the Redbull is an illicit substance, things that are stimulants to the heart are going to make it more prone to have arrhythmia, it can raise the blood pressure,” says Dr. Longnecker.

A European study found people who mix energy drinks and alcohol can be five times more likely to suffer a stroke, even in young adults. Which doesn’t surprise Ben Allemang, who says he’s only consumed one energy drink before and doesn’t plan on a second.

“Redbull gives me palpitations already, my hearts starts beating really fast, plus just the combination of the two does not sound like a good idea just off the bat,” says Ben Allemang.

“It kind of functions like cocaine in the heart with some of the stuff we’ve gotten back with elevated heart rate and elevated blood pressure,” says Dr. Ryan Longnecker.

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