Recently, studies show that Americans lose touch with their close friends


PITTSBURG, KS – Good friends are hard to come by, but a recent survey shows it might be getting harder.

“We’re actually restricted mostly to just our circles just to stay safe.” Says Claire Bruening, Pittsburg Resident.

The past year has been difficult on friendships.

According to a recent American Perspective Survey, 50% of women ages 18 to 29 have lost touch with a close friend.

Since 1990, Americans became 4x as likely to have no close friends at all.

Experts say this could be due to developments of social media.

“You see of course social media technology which kids and adults as well, you see a lot of kids spend a lot of time on it and a lot of their relationships and friendships are computer based or technology based. Kinda deny yourself some of that one on one contact.” Says Bill Howell, Crawford County Mental Health Director of Family Services.

So when the pandemic cam around, it pushed everyone into a more lonely environment.

“A lot of isolation in the home, school being based on technology, virtual classrooms.” Says Howell.

“It was really hard to reach out to people cause everyone was kind of timid to talk to anyone. Especially during COVID to meet people in classes, which I was hoping to do, masks and everything. So that was kind of difficult and kind of sad.” Says Marissa Dick, Pittsburg Resident.

However, with restrictions lighter than they were a year ago, people are excited to be face to face once again.

“When things started opening back up is when I started meeting new people, I’m really excited for the next year.” Says Marissa.

Experts say this is the time to take advantage and either reconnect, or forge new friendships.

“Maybe activities to do that are kind of individualized activities can be turned into a group activity, take part in clubs or different organizations that involve groups of people can be helpful with that.” Says Howell.

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