Recent KCU graduates from the four state area are helping patients around the country


JOPLIN, MO – New doctors from Joplin are now on the job, helping patients from California to New York and everywhere in between.

It’s a big one, affecting a long list of cities and a wide range of medical issues.

In the four states alone, there are 34 new doctors entering their residencies.

“I have always known that I want to practice medicine here in the city of Joplin, I knew that back when I was a kid.” Says Dr. Michael Weaver, KCU Joplin Grad.

And now Dr. Michael Weaver is starting his residency in internal medicine. A big change from the last four years learning at KCU Joplin.

“It’s like drinking from a firehose, you’re never going to be able to absorb all the water that’s coming at you in the face.” Says Dr. Weaver.

Dr. Weaver is one of five graduates with a residency in Joplin, a total of 34 in the Four States, something KCU Dean Dr. Laura Rosch likes to point out.

“I’m so excited about the widespread potential for growth here – it’s exciting, isn’t it?” Says Dr. Laura Rosch, KCU Joplin Dean.

She highlights both the need for more doctors and especially how the school could impact local patients.

“Having the University down in the southwest part of Missouri, we can attract medical students from the region locally from the colleges, recruit them, have them come into the programs, specifically look for those students to matriculate and attend residency programs within the Four State region.” Says Dr. Rosch.

The very first graduating class of KCU Jopling got their diplomas last month, adding 131 new doctors trained right here in Joplin.

Some of those grads are traveling much further than Missouri or Kansas.

They’ve relocated as far away as Brooklyn, New York, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Miami, Florida.

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