Recent flooding pushes snakes to migrate to other areas



Recent flooding may have pushed some unwelcomed guests on your lawn.

The Missouri Department of Wildlife says whenever there is a change in an animals environment, it typically will make them move to another area. And floods have greatly affected the areas snakes would typically habitat causing them to migrate to areas, including by your home. The Department of Wildlife says to stay aware of your surroundings as you don’t want to end being bitten by any animals that you didn’t see.

Watch where you step!

Kevin Badgley, Missouri Dept. of Conservation says, “All of them may be moving to higher ground. That may be in the park, that may be closer to your house, that maybe in your patio. So we just tell you to be aware of that they’re out there, be respectful of wildlife and just realize they’re going to be moving out a little bit more with all this weather.”

In addition, they advise to stay away from any snakes or wildlife you run into, even if you don’t see them as a threat.

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