Real Estate market increasingly competitive amid pandemic


FORT SCOTT, Ks. — Moving is always difficult – but it’s impossible if there isn’t an actual home available.

We’re talking about middle income houses.

Unfortunately the real estate market has been hit hard during the pandemic. It means there’s a short supply of middle income homes.

Often times, people have to either know about a property ahead of time to get the chance at a new home, but many are forced to be put on a waiting list instead.

Kim Motley, Fort Scott Resident, said, “We moved on it instantly, because we knew as soon as it went up, it was going to be gone.”

The housing market has become incredibly competitive in places like Fort Scott.

“If you see it, you better grab it, I mean sometimes even before it goes on, within minutes, literally minutes.”

Since the pandemic started, less people are wanting to sell, making those sought after properties harder to come by.

Crystal Mason, Front Door Real Estates, said, “We don’t have as much volume, and what we do have it goes very quickly, people are somewhat afraid to list their properties at the present time.”

So with those important middle income houses harder to come by, it’s made things difficult to grow a city’s population. But this hasn’t stopped Fort Scott City Manager Jeremy Frazier. He sees potential in some of the city’s other properties.

Jeremy Frazier, Fort Scott City Manager, said, “What we discovered is that we have a lot of homes that are low to moderate income homes, and we have a few homes that are on the higher end of that scale.”

So Fort Scott officials want to take advantage of these properties.

“We’re trying to market those lots for in field development to developers who are interested in that middle, moderate income housing style home, and we have quite a bit of that available that is mainly not city owned property, but we’re trying to connect those developers with those owners.”

To help build needed momentum the city can use for its future.

“Now that we’re coming out of the COVID era we hope, I really expect it to heat up and really gain some more traction.”

Fort Scott officials say they will only be focusing on the low or moderate income properties which are either vacant or abandoned. So those currently living in low or moderate income housing will not need to worry about being evicted due to this process.

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