Reaching 9 months of the Pandemic


THE FOUR STATES — We’ve officially reached the 9-month mark since the Covid-19 started its impact on the Four State Region.

Sunday Night, we review the statistics released by our local health departments to see how our area has fared during this global pandemic.

Jessica Schaer, reporting: It all began in early spring — March 6: Oklahoma reports its first Covid-19 case in the state.

The next day, Kansas would report its first case, and the day after that, Missouri’s first case.

Covid-19 then impacted the immediate Four State Region 10 days later, confirmed in Cherokee County.

David Groves, Cherokee Co Sheriff: “Late last night, March 18, 2020 Cherokee County Health Officials confirmed the first positive case of novel Coronavirus, more commonly known at Covid-19.”

It’s now been more than 260 days since the pandemic affected our 25-county Four State Region.

That translates to approximately 9 months since The Four State Region first felt its effects.

In that time… We’ve grown to 49,101 people diagnosed with Covid-19, reported by 26 local health departments.

With a population of just over 910,000, the math shows 1 in 18 people have had the virus in The Four State Region.

And, with 653 deaths reported, that means 1 in approximately 1,400 people in The Four State Region have died.

As of this weekend, 93 people are in Joplin hospitals — 73 are from other outside cities and 20 Joplin residents are hospitalized.

The statistics show, 5% of The Four States has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and 1% of those diagnosed have died.

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