Rangeline traffic not as bad as previous Black Fridays


JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin drivers were out on the roads today in large numbers for holiday shopping.

Traffic was busier than usual along Rangeline Rd. this morning as shoppers hit the road to find Black Friday deals.

Even with rainy conditions causing wet and slick roads, there was steady traffic in both directions near the mall and major department stores.

Seargeant Jared Delzell with Joplin Police Department says the traffic isn’t as bad as in previous years.

“As people get out just keep in mind, there’s a lot more vehicles on the road than usual. Traffic can stack up really quickly. The road surface is wet so they need to increase their following distance. They need to slow down and when they’re making those turns out of those parking lots and those side streets, give extra room.”

Sgt. Delzell also says extra officers are working today and through the weekend in the retail areas.

Officers will be stationed in areas where they expect to see higher volumes of traffic that could cause collisions.

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