JOPLIN, Mo. — A professional eater made his way to Joplin this past weekend to take on a new eating challenge.

Randy Sanetl paid a visit to MacCheesy Sunday to help launch the MacCheesy challenge.

He had 45 minutes to finish a 12 inch skillet loaded with mac and cheese and a giant deluxe milkshake.

That’s 8 lbs of food. Santel was successful, finishing the challenge in 19 minutes and 57 seconds.

Aside from crushing food challenges, he has some other goals he would like to achieve in the near future.

Randy Santel, Professional Eater, says, “In august of next year i will start my dietetics internship. And that will take about 7-9 months. I’ll become a registered dietitian and then thanks to all my food

challenges and growing my social media, i’ll be the number one followed Dietitian in the world.”

His goal is to get one thousand food challenge wins, and this win was his 846th.

Once he starts his career as a Dietitian, he says he plans on retiring from doing food challenges.