RAKtavists help brighten days of fellow students


JOPLIN, Mo. — Kindness is the focus of a year long effort at Joplin’s Middle Schools.

Addyson Morgan, Joplin 6th Grader, said, “He normally eats lunch. I asked him – where’s your lunch?”

But Addyson Morgan’s classmate didn’t have any money, a lunchtime challenge she wanted to fix.

“And I told my mom and dad and they gave me money to put in his account.”

Addyson is a RAKtavist – helping others through random acts of kindness.

That’s just one part of a year long effort to help 6th, 7th and 8th graders support each other.

Brandy Mann, Behavioral Health Liaison, Joplin Schools, said, “We tell them to open a door for a stranger to smile at someone, just say hi. Help somebody that has dropped something.”

Or buying lunch for another student.

“We have a lot of students going through dark things and we just want to show them that the world has good. One act of kindness can change the world for someone.”

There are pizza parties for the RAKtavists, posters and artwork around campus encouraging kindness, and a t-shirt contest among the three middle schools.

Each campus will have its own design competition.

“The winners of each first place will then go up against the other schools and we’re hoping we can have the community involved in the final decision.”

More and more students are getting involved in the kindness initiative.

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