Rainfall delays construction projects in Miami


MIAMI, Okla. —

Construction projects in Miami have seen major delays.

City officials say 23 inches of rain have fallen in the state in one month, which is what Oklahoma normally gets in a year.

Some of the construction projects impacted include the building of the Miami Splash Pad. A new five year plan has been created to address street repairs in the city. Several blocks throughout the city will see the reconstruction of their curbs and asphalt treatment. Mill and overlay project will also take place. West Central Street also has areas that will be reconstructed including its storm drains, sewer and water lines.

“The streets here in Miami are in terrible shape. For years they have been neglected cause of lack of money or lack of help or whatever. We only have so much money to go around we are doing our very best to fix the streets that can be saved.”

Robert Barger, City of Miami Street Department Manager

Barger says one of the biggest problem with the projects is residents dealing with on going traffic. They say they have people dealing with parking issues as well.

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