Racing tradition continues for father son duo


ASBURY, Mo. – A night at the dragway is a bonding experience for at least one father and son duo.

Jim Newport and his son, Jimmie, are spending their Friday night at Mo-Kan Dragway, like so many others in the four states. Their roots run deep in racing. Jimmie often went with his dad growing up, beginning racing junior dragsters when he was only 7 years old. It doesn’t stop there, Jim used to go with his father and Jimmie hopes to take his son someday. Racing has helped them connect more with each other.

“It’s a bond. That’s what it is. Me and my son are really close together and I think drag racing has kept us close together.”

Jim Newport, Father

“I’ve got a son of my own. So he is probably going to race junior dragsters too, one of these days. And it’s just a good feeling. He will be like fifth generation of drag racing, so. It feels good to keep carrying that on.”

Jimmie Newport, Son

Jimmie raced a 65 Chevy Nova two wagon in Friday night’s race.

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