Race Car Drivers Prepare for the 2019 Season


The event put on by the Nevada Speedway and Show-me Dirt organizations had twenty to thirty cars come out in preparation of opening racing night scheduled for April 6th. 
   Racers took single laps and were also able to register for the upcoming season.
   Racers say it is a great opportunity for them to get seat time, while also, fine tuning adjustments they’ve made in the off season with their equipment. 

“If it wasn’t for these play days.. might not be so good so gotta thank Rob and them for getting the track together and letting us come out and run even before the season starts.” said Broc Rose, Driver Rose Racing 

“There out here all week working on the track all day and all night it’s not just on Saturday they show up and they get the track ready for all the drivers.” said Jerry Davis, Driver Promoter 

   Davis says without the fans there would be no race track and says its important community members come out to support them. 

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