R.E.A.L.L. Project


A hands-on simulation in the Liberal School District challenges students to think about how decisions they make now could affect the rest of their lives.

The Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons, or REALL, project introduces proactive and reactive lifestyles to students. They receive an envelope with different scenarios in them, including career choices, education, skills, and economic conditions.

Some participants go through a scenario of doing drugs and going to jail, while others receive an education and get a good paying job. It’s all an effort to get kids to think about how the choices they make, even at a young age, can impact their adulthood.

“We want it to be fun, but it’s also very, very serious. And if you can make a difference in one kid’s life, just one, you can change generations,” says Pam Judd, REALL Program Faciliator.

6th through 12 graders participated in today’s event, held by the Economic Security Corporation.

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