Middle school and high school students around the Four States learned about various college degrees.

“I’ve learned different financial aid opportunities from all of the different schools and all the different majors they offer through their STEM programs,” said Quapaw student Sidnay Hilburn.
This is the first STEM fair the Quapaw Tribe’s Higher Education Department hosted. It’s an event to inform students about college degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math. And, over 150 students attended.
“What does that department do? And what kind of career can I have? So, it sort of helps them start thinking about what they want to do and as they get closer to graduation. That helps them to decide what they might major in,” said Quapaw Tribe Higher Education Director Krista Pierce.
As for one Quapaw sophomore student, she pretty much already knows what she wants to do after graduation. 
“I would like to go to OSU and double major in ag communications and ag business. After I graduate from OSU, I would like to go to the University of Arkansas to get my ag law degree,” said Hilburn.
Ten universities were at the fair and gave presentations to students in their specialized area. Demonstrations also took place, such as DNA extraction from strawberries, but also… 
“We have a department that is going to show with a drone how they use that to locate fossils and then we also have a radar truck from a university that they send out to track storms and tornados,” said Pierce.
Pierce says today was a good turn out and plans to make this an annual event with more universities and more schools.