NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA — It was a momentous occasion for Quapaw Nation as the tribe celebrated the opening of its multi-million dollar justice center.

It will give them the chance to address family and social issues.

Chairman John l. Berrey says he hopes it can prevent people from being incarcerated and find a better path for life.

The almost four million dollar justice center will house a methadone clinic, family services, and a new courtroom.

Chairman Berrey says Quapaw Nation has federal jurisdiction over a lot of issues including abuse and child welfare.

Through the facility people who have had drug addictions can get tested as well as people who have DUIs can go to classes.

Also families who deal with custody issues can get the help they need.

“A mother can come here on a supervised visit if she needs something from the court the court is here. If she needs to do a UA we have a place for her to do UA to drug tests or do something court mandated before a visitation,” said Berrey.

Berrey adds moving forward they want to keep adding other programs at their faculty assisting people in the community suffering from issues. The tribe will also be working to get more grants to help fund even more additions at the center.