The Joplin Area Transportation Study Organization (JATSO) asks for the public’s input on an upcoming vote for new transportation improvement projects.
The projects would include two new pedestrian waiting shelters for the Metro Area Public Transit System. Improvements would also include a new Sunshine Trolley, which is about 3 years overdue for a replacement. 
Now through Thursday, August 31st, the Transportation Improvement Program is looking for the public’s feedback on these and other transportation programs in Joplin.
“Sometimes we just look at one, at how many people are using the stop, and maybe we don’t realize that there are people in need of an improvement at a location. It’s not used as often as some of the others,” says Robert Lolley, Joplin Transportation Coordinator. 
JATSO will accept comments by phone calls to 417-624-0820 ext. 201, or e-mail to
Transportation projects such as these will be partially funded by federal programs over the next four years.