PSU takes precautions after mold reported inside residence halls


A local university is taking new precautions after students report mold inside residence halls.

Two Pittsburg State freshman that live in Nation Hall found what they believe to be mold in their room. Other students also reported potential mold, causing the university to move them to other rooms while their A.C. units were cleaned. Nation Hall is also connected to Dellinger Hall, both of which were recently remodeled.

PSU officials believe those renovations and heavy rainfall this fall have caused high humidity levels in those halls. Now, university staff are taking steps to make sure instances like this won’t happen again.

Next Monday, university housing will schedule inspections for every room in both halls. A third-party professional will also look over the areas of concern and provide recommendations to prevent this in the future.

From now on, both students and staff will also receive upfront education about preventing and reporting mold. If you’re a student and need to report potential mold or other health hazards, call University Housing at 620-235-4245.

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