PITTSBURG, Ks. — We’re just 34 days until the election. For the first time last night, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden took the stage for a debate.

If you had one word to describe the Presidential debate last night, what would that word be?

Sydney Martinez, Pittsburg State Student, said, “Despicable.”

Corey Seller, Pittsburg State Student, said, “Childish.”

Sydney Martinez and Cory Seller say they were excited to see President Trump and former vice President Joe Biden square off in the first Presidential debate.

“I would say, I definitely lean towards Republican for sure,” said Martinez.

“I identify as liberal,” said Seller.

The two friends–on opposite sides of the political spectrum–walked away with similar sentiments–disappointment.

“Just the way they kept talking over each other, interrupting each other, talking over the moderator, it was like two children fighting on a playground.”

“I know that purpose of a presidential debate is to give the people reasonings, and learn policies, and learn ideas, and I don’t think at all that was achievable last night,” said Martinez.

This will be their first time voting in a presidential election. I asked them if they had to vote based on last night’s debate–who would they choose.

“I think it’s more so ideals and who will implement the ideals that you respect and the ideals that you want to see rule your country and if that were the case, if the polls were tomorrow, I would go vote for Donald Trump.”

“Definitely Joe Biden. He’s not as much of a liar as President Trump that kind of comes off as rude. Trump’s been caught in a lot of lies and mistruths,” said Seller.

Both students say they are hoping the next debate will provide them with more context to make an informed decision.