PSU Student Project Helps City Economically


An economic research project by Pittsburg State is helping Pittsburg become a better community.

This research has helped show city leaders what things they can work on and how they can plan ahead.

And most importantly, it has exposed how certain trends can affect others.

The city provides $25,000 to the university annually to conduct the economic profile.

The data collected not only depicts trends throughout the region, but also provides city leaders with information before deciding on larger projects.

Jay Byers, the city manager of Pittsburg says, “We would like to make evidence based decisions. So we find out how we’re doing. Is the employment improving, is it getting worse? What is our economic condition, what are our economic conditions like.”

Last year, shoppers spent an estimated 530 million dollars in Pittsburg.

The staggering number has influenced city leaders to understand how this influx of revenue may impact other industries around town. 

“Well we want to make sure that their experience here is is positive. Obviously we’re going to pave those roads, we’re going to make sure there’s enough security and safety with police here. We want to make ourselves a community that is inviting and welcoming for people when they come into town,” he says.

And as researchers conduct their study for 2019, they are taking a look at Pittsburg from a national perspective.

Dr. Michael Davidsson, in the business and economic research center at PSU says, “We are trying to analyze how dependent they are on the national economy. And that’s going to have a significant impact on local policy making.”

For this year’s study, researchers will be looking at factors to stimulate the local housing market.

And they will be looking into trends from other cities that are similar in size to Pittsburg to understand how to encourage population growth as well.

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