There are oaks, maples, evergreens and even a gingko. They’re the foot soldiers fighting pollution on a local campus; and now a Pitt State student is tsking a closer look at the impact.

PSU senior Emily Fry is counting trees.

Emily Fry, PSU Senior: “Sometimes I drive around campus and think, gosh, there’s so much left to do.”

She’s 262 trees into a campuswide study. One by one, she tags the first tree.

Emily Fry, PSU Senior: “Tech is great, it does some math for me and it will tell me how many meters tall the tree is.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Christine Brodsky says that along with species, it tells them how each tree affects carbon levels.

PSU Asst. Prof. Christine Brodsky: “Different trees take in different amounts of carbon so we have a program called iTree in order to calculate how much carbon each tree is sequestering.”

Or taking it out of the atmosphere. They’ll compare the total absorbed by the tree to the total produced by the campus. And there’s a human component. Fry and Brodsky are also looking into the cognitive impact.

PSU Asst. Prof. Christine Brodksy: “Look at how students are interacting with the campus if they’re out walking around, how does that affect them mentally.”

Maybe helping them think faster or boost their memory.

Fry will present her findings at a symposium in the Kansas City area in January.