PSU Social Work students show off community projects


PITTSBURG, Kans. — You can learn a lot about some subjects from reading books and listening to lectures. But other lessons can only be learned first hand. That was the purpose of an event on an area college campus which is where KSN’s Stuart Price was today.

Each semester, students in the P.S.U. Social work program go out into the area and come up with and implement their own community service project. Once it’s complete, they make a poster board detailing their project and how it made a difference.

For many of these students, the projects that they selected hit very close to home. Senior Emily Paschal called her project — “Luggage Items of Love” — and involved her gathering suitcases for foster care kids to use when they get moved from one home to another. From personal experience, anything beats what she had to use.

“Me and my siblings and we all had to use trash bags because we were very poor and also didn’t have much time before we went in so like for me personally to have to put my stuff in a trash bag, it kind of made me kind of lose respect for myself and it made me feel like I was less than other people because it’s a garbage bag and that’s for garbage,” said Emily Paschal, PSU Social Work Major.

Ivon Rueda’s project raised money for an organization called – “The Migrant’s House”- a non profit operating in Tijuana, Mexico.

“There are constantly a lot of immigrants trying to cross the border and they often lose their lives while trying to do so because of starvation, or dehydration, or rape or assault,” said Ivon Rueda, PSU Social Work Major.

“Tell me a little about your project,” said Stuart Price, Reporting.

“So I had various food sales where I sold Mexican traditional snacks and foods I was able to a thousand dollars and 200 items for this organization,” said Rueda.

With today’s presentation, the student’s community service project is officially over, but they’re personal commitment to their cause is not.

“And so I’m hoping in the future I can create a lifelong organization or something so kids won’t have to deal with that,” said Paschal.

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