PSU reflects on covid-19 impact one year later


PITTSBURG, Ks. — Pittsburg State University is looking back one year after the pandemic hit.

PSU’s President says they learned how to adapt and adjust during the pandemic. They focused on safety and wellness of faculty and staff and communication.

Dr. Steve Scott, PSU President, said, “We focused on three things. We focused on the safety and wellness of our faculty and staff we focused on communicating what we were doing what our decisions were and we focused on making sure our students make progress and those three principals guided us.”

Its been one year since coronavirus hit Pittsburg State University.

President Dr. Steve Scott says the pandemic accelerated online learning and the use of technology and instruction.

“We’ve had a growing use of online learning particularly in the graduate level. So that’s been underway for some time, but in the undergraduate level its been there but probably not as heavy. In the fall this last fall and spring 56% of our courses are in person and 20% have an in person component and the rest are fully online.”

PSU anticipates 30% of courses to be online in Fall. Students say they are happy the university made the decision to move to online classes.

Amanda Becker, PSU Sophomore, said, “When they shut down everything and and moved online I thought that was a smart decision. It was a little difficult but it kind of helped me be more organized.”

Madeline Murdock Freshman at PSU, said, “They had to make decisions on the spot and especially looking back now and seeing how far we’ve come since a year ago at this point it is enlightening to see.”

The university is using the pandemic to prepare for other emergencies like a tornado or widespread power outages.

“We are really getting ourselves in a better position as we learn from this instance to make sure how do we make sure the financial assistance can continue, how do we make sure the registrar can continue and function,” said Scott.

He says the coronavirus vaccine will not be required for campus but they are encouraging students to get vaccinated. They will hold a commencement — but they are considering holding eight ceremonies where families can walk through with their graduate.

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