PSU Nature Reach Program director spends three weeks in South America


The director of Pitt State’s Nature Reach Program is back in town after spending three weeks teaching in South America.

Delia Lister just got back from teaching environmental life science to 13 high school students in Paraguay who are also enrolled at PSU. It’s part of the PSU in Paraguay Program, which has been around for about 12 years. Each year, 9 lecturers from Pitt State visit the country as part of the Partners of the Americas, created roughly 50 years ago. Kansas and Paraguay are connected since they are both land-locked, both flat, and both produce cattle, soybeans, and wheat. Program leaders spend time teaching students general education courses in hopes they’ll continue their education at Pitt State once they graduate high school.

Bobby Winters, Assoc. Dean of College of Arts and Science, Dir. of PSU in Paraguay says, “They like having a teacher who is a native English speaker and someone who will teach them what university is like in the United States.”

Delia Lister, Dir. of Nature Reach at PSU says, “We did some pretty basic labs, like learning about pH, and we extracted DNA from Kiwi fruit. And a lot of the students, I think, were pretty excited to do the lab part because there they don’t have a lot of opportunities to do hands on science. And I think hand-on science is the best way to learn science.”

Lister spent 4 hours a day teaching an entire semester worth of material in three weeks.

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