PITTSBURG, Ks. — A new program at PSU is helping students get jobs world wide.

What kind of program is it? It’s really cool–students learn how to make batteries, make insulation from animal fat. It’s all about doing laboratory experiments and applying them to real life.

Tenzin Ingsel, Graduate Research Assistant, said, “I would defiantly recommend. I don’t want other students to be worried or scared about studying science it’s one part of being successful. If the student has passion and like interest curiosity everything then this is perfect.”

Tim Dawsey, Executive Director, Kansas Polymer Research Center, said, “This opportunity in this region here there’s nothing like this anywhere around we don’t– you look 350 miles radius there is no competition in this.”

She’s one of the first to earn a masters degree in materials science that will prepare her for jobs in industries like aviation, automotive, medical, and packaging opportunities.

“Right after my undergraduate, when I saw this place I thought this place is gonna stay. You know help me it’s like a stepping stone to something else and hopefully could come back. Contribute to the community,” said Ingsel.

The program is a partnership with PSU’s chemistry and physics departments in the college of arts and sciences. Students will work side-by-side with scientists from around the world on research projects to develop new technologies, like using coffee grounds to fuel batteries.

“It’s been a great attraction to international students and right now we’re looking to see our domestic students recognizing what a incredible opportunity we got in this region.”

$2.4 million was given to the program by N.I.S.T. to add additional technical personnel and more equipment upgrades.

“And as we grow this and get more industry engagement in that uh as we build the work force we’re looking to really become a draw in this region, the four states region for materials related manufacturer related technology high paying jobs so the opportunities are huge,” said Dawsey.

This program is over a year old and you can only find them in a few states.

“You will find a lot of industries across the board from aviation to biomedical applications that are in desperate need of the workforce.”

Learn more about PSU’s Materials Science program: https://bit.ly/3g1BFGT