PSU getting money back from budget cuts


A local campus is getting a boost to the bottom line.

Pittsburg State University is getting back some of the money from Governor Sam Brownback’s budget cuts. It’s an addition of more than six hundred thousand dollars for the Gorillas.

“What this does is it restores $15 million dollars to higher education,” says Gov. Jeff Colyer.

And Governor Jeff Colyer made it official at Pittsburg State, signing off on the budget bill at Axe Library. The funding restores about half of the money cut by then Governor Sam Brownback, an overall allotment of $30 million. And Colyer hopes to see higher ed funding grow in the future.

“We’re going to be working with the legislature – higher education is critically important,” says Gov. Colyer.

Pitt State gets $640 thousand dollars of the restored cuts. President Dr. Steve Scott sees more than one benefit to the bottom line. The university will still request a tuition increase, but now at a lower amount.

“Was lower, the increase was lower than it would be without the partial restoration so that’s important to note,” says Steve Scott.

He adds the money will help address the growing cost of benefits like retirement plans.

“And our KPERS payments – $700 thousand dollars in additional costs next year. So this $600 thousand dollars helps address that; but it doesn’t even cover that. So we feel like we’ve been running behind and this helps move us forward,” says Scott.

Dr. Scott adds it’s a first step in the right direction. The governor stressed to funding bump is meant to help keep college tuition affordable for Kansas families.

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