PSU art students hold pop-up gallery


PITTSBURG, Ks. — Students at PSU Are taking what they’ve learned in a unique class and honoring the history of Pittsburg.

What was the inspiration behind this pop-up art gallery?

These students are bridging the gap between art and the business world.

Seniors in The Business of Art course tell me they believe artists are professionals and can make a living from their work, so this course equips them with the tools they’ll need.

Portico Bowman, Art Professor at PSU, said, “Art doesn’t come with pressing a button.”

It comes piece by piece and brick by brick.

Like the historic ones that still line many streets in Pittsburg.

Emily Klubek an art student at PSU said, “Pittsburg is really rich in heritage.”

That’s inspiring PSU art students taking The Business of Art Course.

Sophia Stapleton an art student at PSU said, “It’s part of our professional practices core, which is this core of courses intended to help us succeed as artists.”

The course teaches students to make a living with their art.

“Part of this course was to learn how to run a small business,” said Klubek

Students decided to use their small business to celebrate the historical references of Pittsburg.

“Some of the students took on the roles as the owners, for me my role in this was the merchandise manager.”

Taxes, licensing, and creating a business logo and website are all part of the workload.

“Our theme is bringing Pittsburg of the past into Pittsburg of the Present. We’re drawing off of Pittsburg’s cultural heritage and we kind of all consciously chose different eras,” said Stapleton.

“As people come, as I hope they do. That they understand this work didn’t come from google, it didn’t come from a screenshot, it came from these artists with their imaginations and their tools,” said Bowman.

Their learning will come to a visible fruition when they open up their pop-up gallery Glory Days at Block 22.

You can see them Friday from four to eight. Those bricks you saw in the beginning of the story will be the foundation for the art pieces.

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