PSU adds new degree focused on mental health


PITTSBURG, Ks. — PSU launches a new degree focused on mental health.

Dr. Ryan Speelman, Pittsburg State University, said, “I think there’s a need nationwide for more mental health providers.”

PSU just recently opened a new graduate program in the Department of Psychology and Counseling.

“Given especially during these times now that there are higher incidents of depression and anxiety and so on, so I think that we need more mental health providers of all types and this is just one of them.”

The focus is going to be on behavioral health, substance abuse, and other mental illnesses.

“The second goal would be that these students gain employment in their ideal place of employment whether that be a school system or a clinic or a mental health center wherever that may be and provide those behavior services for any kind.”

Students will get hands on experience working in mental health centers, giving behavior therapy for adults and children suffering from addiction or depression.

“Like I said skills deficient or behavior access and to ultimately help support the community because their job is to help people and so to see them go out and get those jobs and help people is just a big deal for me.”

Erykah McClendon, said, “It’s overwhelming and people need support and they need to know that that they are not alone in this. So I think it definitely opens up opportunities to be a better friend, be a better neighbor help people that you normally would’ve walked right passed. So, I think it definitely gives us the opportunity to help more.”

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