Protests at the Carthage courthouse Thursday


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Around forty people showed up at the Carthage courthouse this afternoon to express their opinions over a social media post made by the Presiding Commissioner of Jasper County.

Last year John Bartosh shared a post made by someone else that to many seemed insensitive to the diverse community that he represents. Some residents are calling for the resignation of Bartosh due to what was shared.

There were other residents in attendance in favor of Bartosh and wanted to show their support.

Bob Haskins, Bartosh Supporter, said, “He made a mistake, just like a lot of people make a mistake, but have that group over there never made a mistake? Of course they have. Have I ever made a mistake? Of course I have. Have you ever made a mistake? Of course you have. Should we be crucified for it?”

Alyssa Adams, Calling for Resignation, said, “As a city official, where our tax payer dollars for Jasper County, he has access to everybody’s information as well — sensitive information. He’s held to a higher standard as a city official. He is representing not just himself, but people that necessarily don’t agree with the things that were posted up there and I’m one of those people. It wasn’t just that, but it was the deflection and the lack of ownership and what he has done and the excuse that he gave that we cannot allow to continue. He should just own it and step down.”

Commissioner Bartosh has declined to make a comment on the situation.

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