TOPEKA, Ks. — A Medicaid expansion rally at the Capitol had Kansas Highway Patrol Troopers detaining protesters.

Protesters laid in front of the senate chambers blocking some legislators from entering.

When some of the medicaid advocates refused to move, Capitol Police moved them into a holding area.

One of the 23 protesters says resorting to these measures are the only option to get Medicaid expanded.

Letiah Fraser, Supports Medicaid Expansion, said, “We’ve kind of just used up all our channels, we’ve written letters, we’ve spoken to our representatives, so now we have to turn up the heat, cause it’s a life and death matter.”

Many of the protesters were from the disability group, Adapt, and the Poor People’s Campaign.

The day started with a rally in the rotunda.

None of the protesters were arrested but one of the protesters that was held briefly says this issue is personal for him.

Andrew Rausch, Supports Medicaid Expansion, said, “If I hadn’t had Medicaid, I wouldn’t be here, and there are a lot of people that need heart transplants, that need all different kinds of surgeries and procedures, and they just can’t get them because they aren’t on Medicaid.”

The bill is currently being held up by Senators wanting to get an abortion amendment passed.

People say rallies will continue to take place until an expansion bill is passed and signed by the Governor.