Protecting water pipes from the dangers of freezing weather


JOPLIN, Mo.–As the weather is getting colder, there’s a possibility water pipes can freeze or burst.

When temperatures outside get to be at or below freezing, Missouri American Water officials encourage home and business owners to allow a small trickle of water from both your cold and hot water faucets to run overnight. The cost of the extra water is low compared to the cost of repairing a broken pipe.

To prevent your water pipes from getting too cold, the company also asks people to open their cabinet doors. This trick will expose the pipes to warmer room temperatures. If a pipe does freeze or burst, know the location of your main water shut-off valve and turn off the water immediately.

“If you think about if those pipes burst, you are going to have water, you are gong to have water damage, you’re also going to have a pretty hefty expense when it comes to repairing those pipes,” explained Chrisite Barnhart with Missouri American Water.

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