Proposed bill would suspend licenses of drivers who hit construction workers


The Missouri House pushes for tougher penalties for drivers who hit workers or emergency responders on roadways.

House Bill 499 was created in honor of a MoDOT highway worker, Lyndon Ebker, who was struck and killed by a motorist nearly three years ago. The driver who hit him had impaired eyesight, but was still allowed to drive for more than two years after the accident.

If passed, the Department of Revenue could be given the authority to revoke a person’s license if they hit a worker in a work zone, or at the scene of an emergency. Some legislators raised concerns that the bill could deny a person due process.

Lawmakers amended it so accident reports would be reviewed, and then if the driver is believed to be at fault, they’d have 15 days to challenge it in court, or re-take a driver’s test. The House voted 149-5 to send the bill to the Senate. 

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