Project underway to revive historic Joplin homes


Crews are kicking off a ten month project to rehabilitate some of Joplin’s oldest homes – a project expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s a renovation of historic homes near 5th and Sergeant back to their roots in the 1800s.

“It’s not easy because there’s been so many years of patching and changing, and move the door here, and there used to be a window there,” says Mary Anne Phillips.

Murphysburg neighbor Mary Anne Phillips is thrilled to see remodeling underway on South Sergeant. Crews are already tackling brick and concrete work at the Charles Schifferdecker Home and Carriage House and Edward Zelleken Home.

“Once moisture penetrates the veneer, once it freezes, that will expand and open up mortar joints and allow other water intrusion and things like that,” says Chase Halsey.

It’s not a quick fix, with even the type of mortar under the microscope.

“And then we’ve got two samples here – is one was a little too dark,” says Michael Griffin.

Then there’s the exterior marble and detail work.

“Some of our concerns, the sandstone in Missouri, with the humidity, it just kind of melts -it doesn’t do well,” says Michael Griffin.

Later this year, work will move to the slate roof and the windows.

“The issue’s always been maintaining and unfortunately with these large structures it takes a tremendous amount of maintenance and dollars,” says Brad Belk.

They are still negotiating the contracts so there’s no final estimate of the cost but that will likely run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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