Project has Missouri agencies focus on number of untested rape kits


The team behind the Missouri project to focus on untested rape kits says it’s making significant progress.

Four out of five hospitals have reported the status of any rape kits.

Nearly half of all law enforcement agencies in the state have their totals in.

That includes the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office which found a total of 37 untested rape kits from April 2018 or earlier. The sheriff says each one of those cases was examined to find the reason why. He says that ranged from cases where the woman later told investigators she had not been raped to those where the crime was solved before the kit could even be sent in for testing.

“Not just the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, but other law enforcement agencies are very , very diligent about making sure that cases like this get thoroughly investigated. We would never not send off to have a kit tested if there was a chance we could help prosecute someone who committed a crime like this.”

Jasper Co. Sheriff Randee Kaiser
Jasper County Sheriff
Jasper County Sheriff badge

The safe kit initiative is working to catalog all untested rape kits in the state. The state Attorney General’s Office has nearly $3 million in grant funding to test those with the highest priority.

Here’s a link to the latest numbers.

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