Program to help people with disabilities gets extension


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — President Trump is extending a program that moves people with disabilities from institutions back into the community.

The president has signed a five month extension for the Money Follows The Person program.

The program provides funding for services that help individuals with disabilities transition from nursing homes and other institutions to homes in the community.

The program officially expired in 2016 and has been in limbo ever since.

Local institutions say they have benefited significantly from the program.

Brenda Rogers, Social Service Director, said, “The money follows the person program pays for rent deposits, utility deposits, it gives them a chance to get furniture if they need it, bedding, cleaning supplies, whatever they need to get started back out into the community to have a fresh start.”

The program will stay afloat until May 22nd of this year.

But Rogers hopes the government will see the benefits of the program and allow it to continue.

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