Proclamation Youth Choir teaches the history and traditions of hymns


CARTHAGE, Mo. – One local ministry is teaching young adults about the history and traditions of hymns.

The Proclamation Youth Choir is holding a conference this week at First Baptist Church Carthage. This event is to ignite the younger generation with a passion for singing in the form of praise and worship. With the teaching of the history and traditions of hymns, directors hope congregational singing will become more important to church members.

“We believe that good robust congregational singing really begins in the heart and the mind and so when we begin to better understand these things, we really begin to singing should just naturally overflow from those things when we begin to better understand those, so that’s really what we hope for.”

Hannah Snow, Proclamation Youth Choir Co-Director

The Proclamation Youth Conference will end this weekend with a night of worship this Saturday at 6 pm and will be open to the public.

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