JOPLIN, Mo. — A camera, microphone, and GPS are important functions on your cell phone, but you may not know just how much apps are using information gathered through them.

You likely see your cell phone as something to make your life easier. But there have been growing concerns some apps were taking advantage to mine some of your personal information.

John Motazedi, SNC Squared, said, “That had Functions enabled to use your microphone, camera, and location services.”

So, both Apple and Google have made it easier to see which applications are using which functions. First, pinpoint what has access.

“The privacy settings tab – it shows you every application that has access to the microphone, camera, etc. There’s a similar button on the android based phones.”

Next, think about whether you use those apps and if you want them to have access.

“Is that something you enabled on purpose – do you ever need an application to have access to your microphone and camera and GPS location, so you can adjust turn on and off.”

If you still aren’t comfortable with the outside access, there’s another option.

“You can go cover those things – you can put a little cover over your camera, or there’s an adapter you can buy so your microphone doesn’t work.”