President Trump signs hospital pricing executive order, KS Hospital Assoc. says it benefits patients



People might not worry about the cost of their hospital stays until the bill comes, but the price they see might surprise them.

Monday, President Trump signed an executive order hoping to bring transparency to hospital pricing. At the beginning of this year, hospitals were required to list charges of their services, but that doesn’t clearly show people their out of pocket costs. Now, the Kansas Hospital Association says this could benefit patients when looking at their options.

“Hospitals in Kansas as well as across the nation are most focused on helping patients navigate their care and understand the costs of care. It’s been a priority and a focus. That’s why I think this is important that nationally we’re looking at this as well and trying to help providers in hospitals be transparent.”

Cindy Samuelson Vice President, Kansas Hospital Association

Samuelson says some states like Missouri are already going the extra step, where they list the top 100 procedure costs at each hospital.

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