Preserving the Mother Road

It brings people to the Four States from all over the world. But one group says they need your help to preserve it.

There are as many reasons to drive the Mother Road as there are towns along its nearly 25 hundred mile length. But at least one not for profit organization says Historic Route 66 is also one of the most endangered historic places too. That's why members of the National Trust for Historic Preservation are using this classic Gulf Airstream camper to raise awareness for their cause.

The caravan is driving the entire length of Route 66, they started earlier this month in Chicago and will finish up later this month in Santa Monica California.

"Driving Route 66 to capture petition signatures for our designation of the National Historic Route along Route 66, a we're working with a lot of partners and that's a really exciting momentum that will really help support the road and bring things together,” says Diana Tisue.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation as well as national geographic are chronicling the journey on their respective websites.

"My job as a writer is to kind of look at the people and places along Route 66 and and sort of bring some of that to life, we're doing some some articles and photographs,” says Megan Stack.

To view their coverage of Route 66 and sign the petition, we have those links here: Saving Places, National Geographic, Preserve Route 66.

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