Preliminary Autopsy Results Come Up Empty in McDonald County Death Investigation


Update: The female is believed to be approximately 5’5. Her weight was not able to be given by the medical examiner.

Due to the decomposition of the body, the female is believed to be around 40-years-old. A Forensics Dentist is in the process of doing dental X-rays and DNA was collected and will be sent off for DNA analysis.

Investigators are working with other law enforcement agencies to compare any missing person cases that match the female found.

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MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — The McDonald County coroner is still looking for answers into the death of a woman found in a suitcase along Highway 59 between Noel and Ginger Blue.

The coroner says the autopsy results showed no signs of trauma and revealed no cause of death. The coroner is still working to determine the identity of the body. He says the body was already decomposing, with the head in a more advanced stage than the rest of the body.

He said there were no tattoos and no visible scarring, but he adds that the body was partially clothed. The coroner has sent off teeth from the body to see if they match anyone in the National Missing Persons Database.

Those results aren’t expected to come back until 4 pm Thursday. However, they do believe the body is of a woman under the age of forty years old.

The woman’s body was found on the side of Highway 59 between Noel and Ginger Blue in McDonald County by a local man bicycling.

Officials say they first saw the suitcase a week ago up in a tree, but it wasn’t until Monday that the suitcase had fallen to the ground. That’s when the bicyclist came across it.

They do not know how long the body has been inside the suitcase.

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