Preaching and Teaching


One of the biggest events on the campus of an area college is in full swing, but the effect it has on the community is more than just spiritual.

It’s said that the sun never sets on Ozark Christian College, that’s because graduates of that school are in the mission fields on every continent on earth. And this week, many of them will be coming back to their alma mater for the annual Preaching and Teaching convention.

The Preaching and Teaching convention has been an annual event at Ozark Christian College since 1946. It brings together hundreds of OCC grads as well as representatives of churches all across the country.

“We also have guests from a number of guests who are from other colleges or other places who have kind of adopted this region or even this campus as home,” says Jim Dalrymple, O.C.C. Vice President of College Relations.

Jim Dalrymple says this year’s theme is especially appropriate for the times we find ourselves in.

“And the theme is called ‘No Matter What,’ and it’s just talking about living as God’s people no matter what the world’s looking like around us. And as we carry on this theme, one of the things we’ll see is that we’ll have over a thousand people come in, it will be an encouraging opportunity for them to see one and other, to hear from some nationally known speakers,” says Jim Dalrymple.

Not only is Preaching and Teaching one of the biggest annual events at Ozark Christian College, it’s a big annual event for the economy of the the Joplin area. Marriott Towneplace Suites is one of a host of hotels that benefit from the event.

“We really appreciate our partnership with Ozark Christian College. They bring in a lot of rooms throughout the year, but this is typically a slow time of year for the hotels. In February it’s an even better partnership to have this time of year, they bring in several rooms and come in on shoulder days, which is Sundays and Mondays, which aren’t typically as busy for us, it’s great,” says Miranda Comer, General Manager, Marriott Towneplace Suites.

And of course those same customers are eating in area restaurants and buying gas as well as other items. Many of the guest speakers for preaching and teaching are also OCC grads. The community is invited to attend the event which culminates with the president’s banquet on Wednesday.

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