Powers Museum Armistice Day 100th Anniversary


A local museum re-opens for the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day, and to honor all those who’ve served our nation.

The Powers Museum of Carthage performed a flag folding and Prisoner-Of-War Table Ceremony with members of the VFW.

The public attended to show respect for all veterans, and learn about the history of the end of WWI on this day, November 11th, in 1918.

“We had a wonderful turnout. We had to bring out extra seats, I believe I had a head count of about 40 people. Very excited to see this many people here. And we’ve been having more presentations quite like this one here today, about one every month. And we plan on continuing that next year,” says Malorie Spangler, the Board President of the Powers Museum.

Their exhibit Over Here And Over There was opened again for the special day.

The displays are dedicated to the history of WWI, and what Southwest Missouri residents and soldiers experienced during that time.

It’s now closed for winter, but will re-open to the public in April.

Correction:  MSSU Professor Rebecca R. Shriver, PhD: “The color red was chosen merely because that was the color of the poppies that grew on and around the WWI battlefields. The red poppies are worn to honor fallen veterans. Indeed, the white poppy does symbolize the hope for a future of peace, and as a sign of remembrance for all victims of war.”

-Red poppies are not a symbol of war & bloodshed as originally stated.

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