“I think it’s really a fun thing, but I’m not very lucky,” said Vicky Cassady, Joplin.
“I don’t want the problems that come with having that kind of money,” said Ken Middick, Joplin.
“More people buying tickets the higher the jackpot is, but I don’t think that the odds are better,” said Amy Anglish, Joplin.
Of course, that won’t stop the rush of ticket sales, buying at least a dream for a few hours. It’s estimated that $2.6 billion has been spent on Powerball tickets since the last big winner in November. With $1.5 billion for the jackpot, there’s lots of cash going elsewhere. In Missouri, that prize money accounts for about 2/3rds of each dollar spent. Another 24 cents on the dollar goes to public education.
“6.1 cents will go to the retailer for selling the tickets and 4.4 cents will be used for administrative costs,” said Susan Goedde, Missouri Powerball Comm.
If a Missouri customer wins, the store selling that ticket gets a $50,000 bonus. And Missouri has been a lucky state for Powerball players.
“Ranked second in terms of the number of winners. We’ve had 31 big jackpot winners,” said Goedde. 
And there’s no shortage of people hoping to be number 32.
“You bet, I got plans for that money,” said Patricia Ingle, Joplin.
“And they’re buying lots and lots of tickets,” said Jan Gotte, Joplin.
In case you’re wondering which is the luckiest state, that’s Indiana with 38 winners. There’s still time left to buy your ticket with the drawing at 9:59 Wednesday night.