Potential students visit Cottey College for summer workshop



Potential Cottey College students are on campus this week.

Each year, the school holds a summer workshop where high school girls get the chance to stay on campus and take a variety of classes. Dr. Tammy Ogren is teaching a business management class and says she has a mix of four-state students, as well as several others from all over the U.S.

Dr. Tammy Ogren, Cottey College faculty member says, “There is a definite benefit to students being on campus and understanding what Cottey is because when your here, you understand the connection to women, women in leadership, the experience of a small school comes to life and I think it makes a huge difference”

Dr. Ogren says once you get students on campus, she feels the college sells itself. In all, there are about 100 high school students in the summer workshop program.

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