Post-Tornado recovery has Joplin providing disaster resources to other communities


You never know when and where Mother Nature might strike, and if she does, how does a community bounce back? The solution: with the help of another one, like Joplin, that’s been there and done that.

“It’s not just for people who have experienced a disaster, but researchers who want to look at our response and our recovery and use that information to help other communities be more prepared,” explained Jane Cage, the co-founder of Joplin Hope Center for Disaster Recovery.

Dr. Kerry Sachetta was principal at Joplin High School at the time of the disaster and he and several other individuals that dealt with the disaster personally are putting together a blue print for disaster recovery.

Dr. Sachetta says several people that played prominent roles in the recovery process in Joplin still get information requests. This way, he says all the information will eventually end up in a virtual file accessible to anyone, at any time.

“There were still people out that were still interested in how we accomplished things and I think the notoriety that Joplin received from really responding in a very positive and very methodical and succinct way to get back to as close to normal as we could, as quickly as we could, has resonated with a lot of people,” Dr. Sachetta explained.

“The Citizens Advisory Recovery Team, the Long Term Community Recovery, the school, the housing effort, the volunteer effort through AmeriCorps — there’s really lots of pieces of information that are scattered and hard to find, so our goal is to put all that into one place in a digital format,” said Cage.

The date group members hope to have much of that up and running is two years from now around the 10th anniversary of the tornado.

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