Possible expansions in store for Junge Stadium


New concession stands, bleachers or more parking could be headed to Junge Stadium.

This season the Joplin School District is entering a new conference forcing a big match-up with Webb City game to be played at Junge Stadium. That on top of other big games being played there, the stadium is going have some issues with fitting everyone in.

“Especially that first game being against Webb, this place is going to be nuts, this place……we’re definitely going to need it,” says David Durrall.

The Joplin School District already owns this area just east of Junge Stadium.

“All but two properties over the years,” says Dr. Kerry Sachetta.

They haven’t had a real use for it until they entered the Central Ozark Conference.

“Especially you have Webb at home this year, you have Carl at home this year, we’re going to need it,” says David Durrall.

The east side of the stadium is the visitors side, which never really filled up.

“With the majority of our crowds that we had coming in from places like Rolla, West Plains, Camdenton, Springfield, even though it’s only 70 miles a lot of fans didn’t travel with their teams,” says Dr. Kerry Sachetta.

“Coming into the conference we’ll have a lot more on the visitor side now especially that they’re not driving from Kansas City and area’s like that,” says David Durrall.

Any expansion for the district could put construction closer to the two property owners next to the stadium, but school leaders are working with them.

“Our facilities director, Dave Petit took great pains to make sure to talk to everyone involved,” says Dr. Kerry Sachetta.

“Saturday’s announcing the football we know a lot of those kids so just come out and watch some great football this year,” says David Durrall.

The first changes fans will see is just a fence going up around the lots. Once school leaders figure out what will best fit the space, next year is when major changes could happen.

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