Pollinator workshop shows kids why helping bees is important


Kids are learning why pollinators are important and how they can help them. 

Pollinators, like bees, work to pollinate our plants which gives us food. Val Frankoski who taught today’s class says the pollinator numbers have gone down drastically, so it’s important to help them survive.

Today, kids created seed bombs that are made from dirt, clay, and seeds rolled into little balls. The seed bombs are an old technique that help the seeds to plant and grow with little effort from humans. 

Teacher Val Frankoski says, “Native Americans used it. They recognized the fact that birds eat up their seed, but if they wrapped them up in a little clay ball they could protect them from wind, protect them from sun, give them an even amount of moisture, and critters wouldn’t eat them.”

After making the seed bombs, the kids are encouraged to throw them around the area in hopes the plants will grow and give pollinators food for the spring.

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