Missouri legislators call for a special session on public safety, defunding the police


ST. LOUIS– State Rep. Nick Schroer (R-O’Fallon) and other Missouri lawmakers are asking Gov. Mike Parson to call for a special session to discuss public safety. The lawmakers also want a special session to discuss local governments defunding police departments in high-crime areas like St. Louis and Kansas City.

“Our state’s two largest cities are in crisis right now due to crime. A special session is the only way to address this issue to keep people safe and ensure law enforcement officers have the tools needed to keep the community safe,” said State Rep. Schroer.

State Rep. Schroer said we must defend law enforcement officers from the calls in our own backyards to defund police while ensuring cities attempting to do so face consequences.

He also said if St. Louis City and its prosecutor Kim Gardner do not get serious about arresting criminals and prosecuting cases against them he said he would push for the state to take back control of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

State Rep. Schroer says he is worried that taking resources away from law enforcement officers, especially when they need it the most, violent crime will skyrocket.

He also said St. Louis and Kansas City were two of the most deadly cities across the nation in 2020. He said St. Louis had its worse homicide rate in 50 years with 262 murders. Kansas City also set a record with 180 murders.

State Rep. Schroer also said it is ridiculous to talk about defunding police when other cities like Portland, Minneapolis, San Fransisco, and others have done so and it led to an increase in violent crime.

He also explained that crime in St. Louis and Kansas City is impacting the entire state. He said it is making it harder to attract new companies.

The event is being held at the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association building in south St. Louis.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones released a statement saying:

St. Louis voters elected me to put the public back in public safety, and I’m willing to work with elected leaders who are ready to have hard conversations about the deep-rooted problems we face. But the proposed special session would be government overreach and a waste of taxpayer dollars at a time when all of us can least afford it.

Rep. Schroer is chasing clout while I’m chasing solutions. I am extending an open invitation to Rep. Schroer and his colleagues to visit North St. Louis and see firsthand why my administration is investing directly into neighborhoods to address the root causes of crime.” 

Mayor Jones

Missouri Capitol Bureau Chief Emily Manley is there and will bring updates later in the day.

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