PITTSBURG, Kans. — Southeast Kansas residents got a better look at who could be representing them as Attorney General.

Memorial Auditorium was the venue for a Republican primary candidate debate. And Thursday night was the first time a debate had taken place between all three Republican candidates.

Kris Kobach, Tony Mattivi, and Kellie Warren are all fighting for the chance to represent the party. All three were given a limited time to respond to a variety of questions from moderators in front of their fellow Kansans.

Topics ranged on things like immigration, the influx of drugs — such as fentanyl — and government overreach.

“We have to be ready to support ‘Value Them Both’ when it passes in August. We have to be able, and in a postition to push back against the Biden administration and their overreach and we have to be able to support our law enforcement professionals,” said Tony Mattivi.

“I’m the only candidate in the race who has experience suing Democrat presidents. I’ve sued President Biden three times already in my capacity as a private attorney, and I sued President Obama representing some ICE agents back in 2012,” Kris Kobach said.

“We need a conservative Republican who has the best oppurtunity to win and that is me because I have proven that I can win tough elections and then serve well our conservative values in office,” said Kellie Warren.

The debate was a joint effort between the 2nd Congressional District Republican Committee, the Republican Party, Crawford County, and the PSU College Republicans.

The primary election will be on August 2nd.

The winner will face Democratic Candidate Chris Mann in the general election — on November 8th.