Pokémon cards are being given away if you find them at the Indiana State Fair


NOBLESVILLE, IN – In today’s dose of good news… The Indiana State Fair is in full swing, bringing out thousands to enjoy the food and games.

But there’s a secret game only a few people even knew about until now.

Whether it’s prized individual cards, packs or plush characters, the Pokémon craze you may remember as a child, is back.

“As the collectors markets have kicked up over the pandemic, I mean everybody wants this.” Says Jayson Manship, Moonshot Games Owner.

Jayson owns Moonshot games in Noblesville, and for all the Pokémon he’s caught, he still can’t seem to catch enough.

Maybe that’s because he’s giving away thousands of dollars worth of his own collection, to you.

The physical items won’t be hidden, but QR codes like this will be, 20 of them every day. You’ll scan them with your phone and if you’re the first person to find one, you win.

The code for the holographic Charizard will be hid tomorrow.

That card alone is worth at least $200.

It’s something collectors would love to have.

Collectors like youtuber RealBreakingNate, were called in to help spread the work and hide the codes.

“My whole life is Pokémon really, you know?” RealBeakingNate says.

His advice to you, “look high, look low, and have fun.”

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