Playground equipment becomes dangerous for kids in Summer heat


JOPLIN, Mo. – A playground is a hard thing for kids to resist, but this time of year can be dangerous for them.

Playing on playground equipment in the hot summer sun can lead to burns on the skin if the surface has been in direct sunlight for several hours. That’s why doctors say parents should first make sure those surfaces aren’t too hot for their kids’ skin.

“Little kids, little babies say less than three years of age, their skin is more sensitive to it, so if it feels good to you and not so bad it still may be very hot for them, the other thing is metal is worse than plastic.”

Dr. Earnest Holmes, Freeman Pediatrician

But Dr. Holmes says even plastic can get hot. If you want to take your kids to a playground this time of year, he says it’s best to do so early in the day or after temperatures start to cool in the evening.

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